Time to Put Leadersick into Practice

You are welcome to download any of the Symptoms or Impact checklists.  Rather than copying from the book, we wanted to make it easy for you to duplicate these checklists for your use.

You may want to get feedback from others about your leadership as you try to determine if you have one or more of the leadership diseases.  It might help you in validating your symptoms and assessing the impact of a disease on you, your team, the people you lead, or your organization.

Here are some ideas of people whose insights might be helpful to you.

  • Employees who work for you
  • Close, loyal friends
  • People who you have worked with for many years
  • Those who directly report to you
  • Fellow board members
  • Volunteers who look to you for leadership
  • Past co-workers
  • Your leadership team
  • Members of a club or organization
  • Those who have worked on a project with you
  • Past bosses
  • Mentors or coaches
  • Colleagues
  • Customers or clients

The book has much to say about engaging others in your process of discover. Review it carefully. Here are a couple of quick reminders. When you ask someone to complete the checklist(s), encourage them to be honest. Make it safe for them to be truthful. Ask if they would be willing to complete this task.  You can make it anonymous if you think it may help. 

If you are filling the checklist out on your computer, use Adobe Reader for best results. You can download Adobe Reader here.

SELF - Group A

What you understand about yourself. Self-perception, Self-awareness.

Name Symptoms Impact
Egomegaly Download Download
Creditnomexia Download Download
Nayopening Download Download
Dynamopexy Download Download
Supraperfektus Download Download
Noreflecthabitis Download Download


What your load is. Balance, boundaries, limitations.

Name Symptoms Impact
Explatonomy Download Download
Nomadia Download Download
RSP (Relaseatparesis) Download Download
Imposta Ataxia Download Download
Harmonopathy Download Download

STYLE - Group C

How you handle your role. Methods, philosophy, framework.

Name Symptoms Impact
Duorditis Download Download
Rapistrukitis Download Download
Cranialrectalitis Download Download
Podek (Pordeciphilia) Download Download
Optopenia Download Download
Compassless Download Download


Who does the work. Allocation, designation, responsibility.

Name Symptoms Impact
NDG (Nodelagatas) Download Download
Hypermanagitis Download Download
Sclerosidrudgic Download Download
Exocardio Download Download
Hypopikemritis Download Download

PEOPLE - Group E

How you treat those you lead. Interactions, relationships.

Name Symptoms Impact
Otraperfektus Download Download
BCT (Blamcritomy) Download Download
AVCO (Avononflikto) Download Download
Nobildateam Disorder Download Download
Trainemphraxis Download Download
NOREC (Norecrewaphasia) Download Download

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