SELF - Group A

What you understand about yourself. Self-perception, Self-awareness.

Audio Name Description
Egomegaly Big or enlarged ego. You are always right.
Creditnomexia Do not give yourself enough credit. Do not understand your capabilities.
Nayopening Unapproachable, too important, too busy.
Dynamopexy Relies on power, stature, reputation.
Supraperfektus Must be perfect.
Noreflecthabitis Not taking time to rest and reflect nor learn and grow.


What your load is. Balance, boundaries, limitations.

Audio Name Description
Explatonomy Overloaded. Too much on your plate.
Nomadia Wander around, aimless, lost, confused. Surrender or give up, a feeling of defeat.
RSP (Relaseatparesis) Do not know how to give up your seat/position or step down/aside.
Imposta Ataxia Over your head in leadership role. Unable to handle the responsibilities.
Harmonopathy Unable to integrate personal life with leadership roles and responsibilities.

STYLE - Group C

How you handle your role. Methods, philosophy, framework.

Audio Name Description
Duorditis You or your people will get it done no matter the cost.
Rapistrukitis Rush to create structure. Take a traditional or common approach.
Cranialrectalitis Can’t see things clearly. Your view is obstructed.
Podek (Pordeciphilia) Poor decision making. Inability to decide.
Optopenia Inability to convey vision or expectations. Not visionary enough. Can’t get buy in.
Compassless Unable to handle or navigate change.


Who does the work. Allocation, designation, responsibility.

Audio Name Description
NDG (Nodelagatas) Inability to delegate. I can do it all.
Hypermanagitis Micromanage everything.
Sclerosidrudgic Too good for lousy or unwanted tasks.
Exocardio Over passionate. Over dedicated to your cause.
Hypopikemritis Cannot pick or find the right people. Put people in wrong places.

PEOPLE - Group E

How you treat those you lead. Interactions, relationships.

Audio Name Description
Otraperfektus Expect others to be perfect, not fail, make mistakes.
BCT (Blamcritomy) Criticize others. Blame others.
AVCO (Avononflikto) Avoid conflict. Inability to manage or handle it.
Nobildateam Disorder Cannot build a team. Unable to build constructive relationships.
Trainemphraxis Do not train, teach, empower, assist, support.
NOREC (Norecrewaphasia) Do not recognize or reward people.

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