Becoming a Healthy Leader

Symptoms - Impact - Treatment

Being a leader is a tough job, and no one knows that better than a leader. There are extreme highs and some very serious lows. There are times we perform incredibly well, and at other times, not so great. When our leadership suffers, we feel as if we are sick. It’s like having an illness, a malady, a condition. We are Leadersick!

Leadersick compiles the pitfalls, mistakes, errors and problems which befall leaders, and translates them into 28 separate diseases. The reader is then introduced to accompanying symptoms, the disease’s impact and treatment alternatives.  Nearly 100 leaders from across the country and parts of the world provided input to expand, diversify and authenticate the dynamics of each leadership disease.

Embark upon a Self-reflecting Journey of Discovery

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George D. Lundberg

M.D., Editor-at-Large, Medscape

“Looking for fresh thoughts about how to lead better? Leadersick may sound hokey, but it will shake up your thinking and redirect you. It’s a wholly original taxonomy for the maladies of faulty leadership and how to prevent, diagnose, and treat them.”

Michael Griffin

Past President, Indiana League of Municipal Clerks & Treasurers, State Senator

“Whether you are a someone seeking to be a leader or a leader seeking to be better, the author’s diagnostic approach is imaginative, spot on, and just what the doctor ordered.”

Karen Freeman-Wilson

President & CEO, Chicago Urban League

“An exemplary leader, Keith Kirkpatrick has given us food for thought in his latest offering on leadership.  Whether you are currently leading or aspiring to be a leader, this book provides an insightful analysis of why you may be in a state of dis-ease and how you can move to a healthier place.  The best part about this book is the reminder that all of us have some healing to do.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

Nancy Baumann

Former Deputy Director, Distinguished Careers Institute, Stanford University

“This book is your guide to be the best leader you can be. Keith Kirkpatrick has developed a useful and powerful way to explore one’s leadership journey in depth. He deconstructs the possible leadership diseases into identifiable symptoms and provides insights on how to recover from them. It’s a reference book to visit and revisit.” 

Leadersick Model

Think Differently About Leadership

Using a medical model, the book analyzes, organizes, and categorizes leadership challenges, giving each disease a name and definition. This extensive list of ailments are called leadership diseases. 


  • What doesn’t seem right? 
  • How do you feel?
  • What do other people see?
  • What’s going wrong with you?


  • How is your infected leadership affecting you?
  • Those you lead?
  • Those you work with?
  • The organizations you serve?


  • What are the alternatives?
  • What are your choices?
  • What will help you get better?
  • What do you need to heal? 

Everyone knows it is nearly impossible to go through life without getting sick or hurt. Leaders experience the same. You cannot go through your leadership life without contracting a leadership disease.

Keith Kirkpatrick

Keith Kirkpatrick has had an extraordinary career filled with rich and diverse experiences. Keith is a leader, entrepreneur, innovator and teacher. He has served at the helm of many organizations and businesses as their CEO, President, Executive Director or Chair. He has been known as founder, start-up guy, and transformer for over 30 companies and operations. Keith has dedicated his service to a large number of boards and community projects.

Earning recognition as a significant authority on leadership, Keith has been a trusted coach and insightful advisor to many businesses, organizations and community leaders. Hundreds of students, leaders and executives have credited him with enhancing their skills and helping them discover and grow their potential.

Keith is a skilled facilitator and engaging presenter. His PBS television talk show aired for nine years with 300 episodes. With a background in a variety of fields and sectors, he has an expanded perspective and a broad understanding of many issues. Keith is a strategic thinker who has spent time teaching at several universities including some in Eastern Europe.